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Unlocking Success: Run My Recruitment's Approach to Matching the Right Person to the Job

At Run My Recruitment (RMR), we believe the key to unlocking success lies in matching the right person to the right job. Our approach to recruitment is not just about filling roles – we are dedicated to finding candidates who meet the job's technical requirements and align with the company culture and values. This unique approach sets us apart in the industry.

As soon as we receive a job specification from our clients, our team at RMR springs into action. We dive deep into understanding the exact requirements and nuances of the role. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to tailor our recruitment process to each client's needs, ultimately leading to better matches between candidates and roles.

One of the fundamental principles of our recruitment philosophy is Parsons’ Theory, a concept developed by Frank Parsons. This theory underscores the importance of aligning careers with talents, skills, and personalities. At RMR, we rigorously apply this principle to our recruitment process. When reviewing cover letters and CVs, we go beyond the qualifications and experiences listed – we strive to understand the unique individual behind the resume.


We go a step further when we identify candidates with the relevant qualifications. We engage with them through phone calls or interviews to gain deeper insights into their personalities, work ethic, and values. This personal touch, this human connection, allows us to gauge whether the candidate would fit the company culture and team dynamics well.

By taking the time to understand both the technical requirements of the job and the intangible qualities that make a candidate a good fit, we can present our clients with a curated selection of candidates who are capable and compatible with their organisation.

At RMR, successful recruitment is not just about filling vacancies—it's about building long-lasting partnerships between employers and employees by matching the right person to the right job.

So, whether you're a company looking to fill a crucial role or a candidate searching for your next career opportunity, contact Run My Recruitment.

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